Products on the Shopping Tab with Search Console: Google SEO Update 2022

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Google SEO Update 2022

Hello Everyone!

The new Google SEO Update 2022 is here to buckle up your eCommerce business experience!

Search Console is adding a new section for shopping tab listings to help online store owners show their products on the shopping tab on Google. This is part of our efforts to help merchants grow their businesses across Google.

Google SEO Update 2022

They’ve added a few things to Search Console to make it easier for people to show their products across Google. Recently, Search Console released a Merchant Listings report to help merchants add structured data to their Product listings.

Today, online store owners who have set up product markup and are eligible to see it will see a new section called Shopping tab listings. This change will happen slowly over the next few weeks, so you might not notice any difference right away.

From there, merchants will be able to easily sign up for a Merchant Center account with the help of a simplified sign-up process, without having to re-verify ownership of their website. With this new option, merchants don’t have to send in a product feed. Instead, they just have to keep the structured data about their products up to date.

This will make it easy for products to show up quickly on Google’s Shopping tab and help merchants reach people who are looking for products. To get started, go to Search Console and look for the shopping tab listings section. That’s all!

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