How to Build​​ A DIY Home Video Studio at Home

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DIY Home video studio

You’ll probably want to set up a DIY home video studio if you’re thinking about starting an online course, a membership site, or your own YouTube channel. All right! You’re just in the right place to find it now.

It’s just to inform you that, on average, 3.7 million new videos are uploaded to YouTube every day, which is around 271,330 hours of video content.

Competing against these numbers requires quality content. And that comes when you have a proper video setup and plan for your video-making workflow. No worries, we’re here to help you with some genuine hacks and DIY methods if you want to make your video-making journey professional and smart, 

From manually setting up lights to soundproofing your room, we’ll cover every sort of thing that professional video-makers do for their video film studio

Let’s get started and keep reading:

What Is a Homemade Video Studio Used For?

To talk about what a homemade video studio is: It’s a collection of tools used for making video content at home, known as a “home studio.” 

A simple home studio has a few essential things that work together to let you make quality content. For that, you may need to get help from your desktop computer, laptop, or even your mobile device.

Let’s talk about it in detail:

Things to Consider Before Building a Video Recording Booth at Home

For your DIY video studio, you need to keep in mind some basic things. For example, choosing a good place, putting the camera in the right spot, setting up the sound, adjusting the lighting, and so on. 

You might be thinking that these things will cost you a lot. Don’t worry! You can easily arrange these things for your small home film studio with the available elements around you.

Many video content creators overlook the importance of maintaining a high standard of quality. As a result, they fail to get the desired outcomes from their video. And then they stop creating their content and lose confidence. 

So before you get the final tips, do make sure to consider the following things:

  1. Device for recording the video (mobile or laptop)
  2. A quiet place that ensures it be soundproofed
  3. Enough lighting arrangements
  4. Mic for recording audio sound (mobile device could be utilized initially)
  5. Clean background (Grey, black, white, or blue) for making the object clear and neat
  6. Video editing tools like Camtasia (windows) or Screenflow (mac)
  7. A tripod for the best result (optional)

5 Tips to Create a DIY Home Video Studio

DIY Home video studio

Let’s now see how to easily build a DIY video studio at home with the available elements around yourself:

01. Determine Your Goal

First things first, determine your goal or set your target. This will take you to your ultimate destination as a professional video content editor. 

So ask yourself the question!

What kinds of videos do you want to make? for education purposes, entertainment purposes, or just for random things. So set that first. 

Your choice of studio will be greatly influenced by the type of content you produce.

02. Choose an Appropriate Location for Home Video Production

After you set your goal, the next step is to find a good place for your home editing studio. It could be your room, the underground, your basement, or anywhere else that is interruption-free.

Your content type is solely dependent on the location you choose. In short, it varies. While an auto mechanic would need to figure out how to make a video studio in his garage, creating a food channel will probably demand a studio in your kitchen, etc.

03. Set Your Custom Video Background for a Better View

Once you have selected your location for your video recording set, the next thing is to organize your video background. Initially, you can keep it as it is. But for a better result, you can paint the background wall. If that sounds costly, you can use the artboard and paint it with some recommended colors

White: The most widely used color in studios is white because it captures the most light throughout the space.

Black: If you want a darker effect, then black can be an ideal color for you. It works as the exact opposite of white. It diminishes the light frequency in the background.

Gray: Many choose a grayish hue to benefit from some of the features of black and white.

04. Essential Home Film Studio Equipment

After you’ve chosen a background for your video, it’s time to put the finishing touches on it. 

Here they are

  1. A camera: It doesn’t mean you should buy a DSLR camera or a high-priced device for it. You can use your mobile device or a laptop as DIY video camera equipment. Just make sure you have placed the camera at the right angle. And there is no shaking that could decrease your video quality.
  2. A mic: Initially, your mobile could play the role here as long as it has a good sound recording system. Or you can use two mobile devices to record your videos and sound at the same time for a better result.
  3. A tripod: Use a tripod for good video stabilization or you can set it manually. Use a book, or the upper portion of your table so that it could easily cover your desired object.
  4. A video editor: If you’re using a Windows device, you can use Camtasia for DIY video editing. Or use the Screenflow software if you’re a Mac user. Make sure to have it installed on your laptop. 

05. Lighting Setup 

The proper lighting depends on the background you will use. We mentioned three basic and popular colors in the earlier section. It also depends on another thing: the angle of your camera. 

Set your camera angle so that the object can easily get enough light on it.

As an example, you can keep two lamplighters in front of you if you can’t arrange the natural lights. It will work to put enough lights on your face.  

Bonus: Soundproof Your Home Video Recording Studio

Last but not least, make your room soundproof. And this is very important for a quality home video studio. Well, it can be difficult. But possible. Don’t worry; we won’t suggest any costly processes.

To achieve this, you can place furniture and rugs in sound-absorbing positions, add acoustic foam and acoustic panels to the walls, cover sound entry points with blankets, and hang blankets over them.

Common FAQs Regarding the Home Video Editing Studio Setup

01. How much does it cost?

Initially, you don’t have to spend any money to build your own DIY video recording studio.

02. Do I need an apartment?

No, you can build your video recording studio setup in your living room, basement, or any other suitable place.

03: How long does it take?

It depends on what type of video studio you’re looking to create. 

Are You Ready to Set Up Your Home Video Studio?

Before we wrap up, let’s see the online video statistics by Social Media Week

More than 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day

Every day, a large number of people interact with various videos. And a valid reason is that quality is more important than quantity. By emphasizing quality over quantity, your video channel could be at the top; who knows?

So, a smart DIY video studio setup that looks professional could help you make good videos on time. Take your time and follow some popular YouTube channels to get ideas. Once you have a plan in mind, try following our guides.

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