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Content Writer, Marketer, Strategist

The decision to work in the tech industry wasn’t easy for me. My educational background will tell you the same story.

Hello, this is Nahid. I am currently working as a senior content writer and strategist with industry experience spanning more than 6 years. I will shortly talk about myself.

I was born in Noakhali, one of the biggest districts of the Chittagong Division (Bangladesh). I completed my graduation in BSC with honours at Dhaka College, Dhanmondi. I took chemistry as my major subject. As a chemist working in the tech industry, things look weird, right?

Let’s see how my journey started to become a content marketer!

Started Working in Student Life with Digital Marketing Solutions (2014–2015)

I started my career as a graphic design student in 2014. Later, I had the opportunity to lead the graphics class after my courses ended. It was a really great moment for me to grab that opportunity. The founder and CEO of Digital Marketing Solution Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Sunny Vai, gave me the scope to expand myself. Also, during my classes, I worked with him as a part-time graphic designer. I will talk about it briefly in a dedicated blog post!

Nube Got the Biggest Responsibilities in Uttara Infotech (2015–2019)

Then I joined Uttara Infotech as a part-time content writer in 2015. Mr. Sayedul Islam Vai, the founder and CEO of Uttara Infotech, gave me the chance to work as a part-time content writer. He is also a generous person and loyal to his co-workers. I worked there from 2015 to 2019. These days, I have had so many experiences, gathered knowledge, and so on. I will talk about it later in a post!

The true test begins with weDevs (from 2019 to now)

Then my biggest journey comes. Working with weDevs. One of the prominent WordPress companies in BangladeshIn 2019, on July 8, the moment comes. My joining date had come to work with weDevs as a content writer. Till now, I’ve been working with weDevs as a senior content writer. From content writer to senior content writer! It’s a long journey. Well, it will be disclosed soon in a post, too!

Now let’s talk about some fun facts about me! I’m an extrovert!

Apart from the work-life facts, I’m a great lover of lyric writing, science fiction, crime thrillers, suspense and war movies, bike riding, vlogging, and taking photos of nature.

I’m not that tech-savvy, but I like to be technical whenever I need to be. As a self-taught person, I always look forward to taking on challenges, exploring new things, meeting new people, listening to others’ feelings, and trying to become a good companion.

What I Achieved As a

Content Writer

  • I wrote 400+ articles
  • Ranked 70+ articles on Google SERP
  • Ranked 20+ articles on Google Feature-snippet
  • Generated 10% organic traffic
  • Prepared the content plan for wePOS WPERP and WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

Video Content Creator

  • Produced 100+ videos and scripts in 9 months
  • Generated 10k+ views on YouTube
  • Generated 2.5k views on a single video on YouTube
  • Prepared video content plan for Happy Addons

Social Media

  • I wrote almost 500+ social copies
  • Prepared 20+ short videos, 15+ infographics, 20+ banners, and 10+ long stories
  • Generated 20% engagement across all social channels
  • Prepared a social plan for weDevsDevs social channels

Content Marketer

  • Generated 70k views on Quora (lifetime)
  • I made a viral post on Reddit and got 300 upvotes
  • I created a list of top sites for Off-page SEO
  • I created a space on Quora and got 2k followers

Product Documentation Writer

Outbound Marketing

  • Reached out to 100+ influencers for content collaboration
  • Generated 50+ backlinks from high-DA sites
  • Completed social shout-out deals with WordPress influencers on the WP birthday program
  • Commented on almost 1000+ related blogs

Tools That I Use for My Project:

💻SEO Tools

Google trends

🎟 Design Tool

Adobe XD

📹 Video Editing Tools

Stop Motion Tool

▶️ Social Media & Email Marketing Tools


Producing a good piece of content should be the ultimate goal for any writer. With that being said, smart people don’t say things are difficult, they make difficult things easier 😎